Sunday, June 17, 2007

My experiment with an expeditiary beard is beginning to make me crazy (and making me look old)It may have to go when I get back to Poky. We were at some bar in Mackey and some guy asked if two of the women with us were my daughters (ouch). Technically, they were the same age as my daughter, so it could (sort of) been possible. Anyhow, after 2+ weeks, I am pretty scruffy.

The snot has cleared, the ear infection is gone (YAY).

The Jim Canyon exercise if finished for good or bad and we've passed the half-way point. Today we're headed to Craters of the Moon for allegedly a light show-and-tell day. After words we're headed to the Mackey rodeo I think. If I had thought this through, I would have brought slightly better going-to-town clothes. That’s one of the things I am picking up in Pokey when I go home and see my hottie wife who I hope if finally beginning to not feel sick.

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