Monday, May 16, 2011

Experimental cooking resumes: Steamed Brussels Sprouts with Black Vinegar Wasabi

Tonight's dinner was barbequed Jamaican Jerk Chicken from a New York kitchen cookbook and the name escapes me, white rice and steamed Brussels sprouts. The latter 2 just seemed too plain for dinner so instead of plain white rice, I made a quick quinoa rice pilaf and needed something different for the sprouts. This is what I came up with...

Steamed Brussels Sprouts with Black Vinegar Wasabi

1.5 C steamed fresh trimmed Brussels sprouts

1 T dark soy sauce
1 T black vinegar
1 t hot bean sauce
1/2 t dry Chinese mustard
1/2 t powdered wasabi
1/2 t honey
1-2 dashes Sriracha sauce

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Slice sprouts in half (to get more sauce in them) and pour sauce over sprouts.

It had a nice burn and clears the sinuses :)