Sunday, July 8, 2007

This is not the circ you seek

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This is really just a test to see if I managed successfully to like Blogspot, Flikr, and Facebook all together. On the final day off I wandered off in a random direction with the intent to go to Kane Lake. The intent to go to the lake didn't occur until I saw the sign pointing that direction while I was headed in the direction of Sun Valley (which I really didn't want tot go to). The entire time I was hiking, I thought I was following the path to Kane Lake until I realized I was in the circ and there was no lake. Oh well. It was a nice hike.

Paul confirmed that the cool depositional unconformity I found between fine silt and pebble conglomerate turbidites was Copper Basin. I totally missed the lake so I looking at rocks was the next best thing to do. This irc was just about one mile due east of Devil's Beadstead. If I hadn't been worried about it getting dark and missing dinner, I would have wandered more.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

I survived field camp without any aches, pains, or injuries in spite of the fact that the majority of people there were almost half my age. The last week or so was pretty hectic, hence the lack of blogging. Back in Poky I had a busted sprinkler head, 6 inch tall grass, a 60 foot dying spruce needing removal, a leaky toilet, moldy basement carpet, and a dog desperately in need of a bath. If Jenny were feeling better, I think I’d drag her back up to the mountains with me again.

The weirdest thing is coming back to ‘reality’. I have been nut to butt with the same 27 people for the past 5 weeks and now that field camp is over, we have gone our separate ways. I was walking through Wal-Mart and other places hearing voices of other people that sounded vaguely familiar like people at camp and seeing people from a distance or from behind looking like people at camp but it wasn’t them. Maybe I’ll visit field camp next year and bring my mutt with me. My dog couldn’t come this time. He’s never been out camping with me and I was sharing a tent with Elliot and Lil’ Dan.

Next recommendations: take a orienteering class. In other words, learn how to figure out where the hell you are on a topo map using the terrain and your compass. ISU has a weekend class but I had forgotten everything I learned. Buy rain gear that packs small and light. The less space it takes in your pack and less weight it has, the better. As far as packs go, I am not sure what’s better, tall and narrow or short and wide. I bought a tall one and it was a pain in the ass under low hanging branches. Use a pack that will fit an adequate amount of stuff that you are comfortable with. I know that’s a bit vague but I bought another pack that held all my stuff, had room for water, but hooked on low hanging branches and generally put me off balance every time I carried it.

That’s it…field camp it over. Where this blog goes from ere is anyone’s guess.