Sunday, July 8, 2007

This is not the circ you seek

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This is really just a test to see if I managed successfully to like Blogspot, Flikr, and Facebook all together. On the final day off I wandered off in a random direction with the intent to go to Kane Lake. The intent to go to the lake didn't occur until I saw the sign pointing that direction while I was headed in the direction of Sun Valley (which I really didn't want tot go to). The entire time I was hiking, I thought I was following the path to Kane Lake until I realized I was in the circ and there was no lake. Oh well. It was a nice hike.

Paul confirmed that the cool depositional unconformity I found between fine silt and pebble conglomerate turbidites was Copper Basin. I totally missed the lake so I looking at rocks was the next best thing to do. This irc was just about one mile due east of Devil's Beadstead. If I hadn't been worried about it getting dark and missing dinner, I would have wandered more.

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