Friday, September 21, 2007

Too freaking busy

Due to a chronic case of procrastination I dithered around with my grad school application and letters of recommendations the very last second and just barely managed to get accepted to grad school at ISU the day before classes started. I sweat on my rock hammer I will not do that when it comes time to be applying for whatever school it is I will end up at for my PhD.

Already I am in completely over my head. Paul dropped a very cool thesis project on my lap having to do with hot springs on the Bear River, Idaho and wants a prospectus yesterday. We ahvea geology writing class that's offered (and mandatory in spring) that teaches geologists how to write with the end product being the MS Thesis prospectus. So if I have mine done a semester beforethat class starts, do I get to take more fly fishing classes instead?

All next week, we're running around folowling the reverse track og the Yellowstone hotpot (way cool. In another few weeks, GSA (YAY!)

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