Friday, October 22, 2010

Recipe: X-Border Lamb Burgers

I rarely write down recipes and end up creating on the fly. Something inspired me to write this one down. Since I'm currently living alone in a tiny trailer with a tiny fridge and kitchen, I cook for one and go out of my way not to have leftovers.

X-Border Lamb Burgers

1/3 lb ground lamb
1 small chopped jalapeƱo
1/4 t ground allspice
1 T fresh chopped cilantro
1 garlic clove crushed
Italian extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)
Allspice, paprika, fresh ground pepper, Kosher salt

Kaiser roll (or any good roll)
Hot Mango Chutney
Thin sliced cucumber
Thin slices fresh tomato

Mix lamb, chopped jalapeno, allspice, cilantro, and garlic and make a patty. Brush EVOO on one side of patty, sprinkle with allspice, paprika, salt and pepper.
Grill patty spice side down on high heat for ~5 minutes. Brush EVOO and sprinkle with salt and pepper on bare side. Flip and grill for 5 minutes. Brush roll lightly with EVOO and toast on grill.

Top burger with cucumber, tomato, feta and chutney.