Thursday, June 7, 2007

Being sick at field camp sucks. Being sick in general sucks and the location doesn't make being sick worse. The crummy part is not being able to participate 100%. This last project was an environmental assessment of the Chilly Buttes. The first day I felt fine but day 2 and 3 went down hard. Luckily, my partner on the project, Tina, is sharp and has her stuff together and carried me along. After an hour nap, dinner, blistering hot shower and another 11 hours sleep, I am almost back to normal. The bad thing is that I suspect this bug will be making its way through camp.

Three days ago it was almost 90F here. Yesterday it snowed. That's Idaho for ya.. We are doing the Borah Peak mapping project today and for the next few days. It has to do with mapping glacial quaternary sections I suspect. This will be cool.

Next suggestion, bring drugs... cough drops (Halls are great), allergy/cold medicine, whatever may come up. I don't think I will ever buy generic Neosporin again. The stuff just doesn't do anything; the same goes for generic Tums. My wife was right...she's (almost) always right.

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