Sunday, June 10, 2007

I just learned what NOT to do with my camera as far as settings go. I tried to adjust the date setting so that the photos would be dated with the real date and no all 1/1/00. All I managed to do is delete the few photos I had (damn). Time fr a new camera. I am using an Olympus Camedia C-2040ZOOM 2.1 Megapixel. It does everything, it's sturdy, takes pretty good pics... that's the good part...the bad part is that's it's huge, heavy, and 8 years old. I got my $400 worth out of it. Maybe I spent $700 on it, who knows...that was when I had an income.

Today's plan is to head back into the Lost River Range and check out a rock glacier. What's a rock glacier? Heck, I don't know. It may be an old glacier covered with talus or it may be a new glacier formed beneath talus. It's supposed to be really cool and (here's the best part) it's just for fun (YAY).

Yesterday we hiked our asses off. We started out mapping out a fault scarp along the base of the range (by drive along, get out, map, drive some more, map some more). This was pretty lazy and decadent, but we have a fabulous map of the scarp. THEN we hiked 1200 feet straight up the side of the mountain to see a cool limestone outcrop. It was gorgeous...too bad I don;t have any pics of it. The limestone forms one leg of an anticline with a 800+ foot drop straight down. With 24 of us and all sharing photos, someone will have a photo. When we got to the trail head I realized that I had forgotten my clipboard, maps, field book, and lunch (duh). Glenn lent me his clipboard, map and part of his lunch so I didn't starve or wanted around lost. I bought him a 6-pack of IPA.

Tomorrow Yellowstone...and no blog entries until we get back on Wednesday.

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