Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day-3 Slow day, lots to read

Day-3. I spent all day today reading environmental impact statements, local BLM functions, and ArcMap hydrological modeling. At least a dozen time people stopped by my desk asking me if I was bored out of my mind or apologizing that I was unable to get out in the field today. It snowed 8” in Rawlins this morning the roads were a mess. I tried to explain that, though the material was dry, it was still interesting and, in some cases, fascinating. Maybe the fact I kept nodding off with my face in a book made them think I was bored.

Yesterday was cool. Ranger Pat and I went out into the Great Divide Basin. There are three main drainages here. One goes into the Colorado River, one goes into the Missouri River, and one goes nowhere. That’s the Great Divide Basin. The area has a few junipers and a lot of sagebrush. We saw pronghorn, mule deer, a juvenile golden eagle, and horned larks.

Tomorrow, if the roads are passable, we’ll go up to the Atlantic Rim area southwest of Rawlins. There’s a proposed coal gas drilling site up there and we may be doing a site survey and soil analysis. This is great. I’ve been reading up on the entire project for the last two days. It will be great to see it firsthand.

I’ve been fighting with my water heater since Saturday. The wind here is crazy and constantly blew out the water heater pilot light. I made a baffle out of cardboard and tinfoil and manage to have enough hot water for a shower and dish-washing. If I have hot water in the morning, I’m calling it a [small] victory.

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