Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day-2 Now What?

It’s day-2 and there is nothing resembling a routine yet. Work doesn’t start till tomorrow so there’s still lots of floundering and figuring things out. Where I’m parked really is where I’ll be for the next 6 months. The sound of traffic here sucks but it my duplex in Sacramento right up against I-80 was worse.

Everything works now or is close to working. Next tasks are to get a water pressure regulator and propane hose. The city water pressure is probably too high for my trailer water system and if I can hook up to a free source of propane here, why not.

There are 4 radio stations here: one country station, one pop station, a religions station, and a public radio station. I’m happy as heck about the public radio station. Actually, Wyoming has a really good public radio system reaching all across the state.

The library is different. It’s in the county building here along with the county sheriff, county courts and who knows what else. I drove by it a dozen times without seeing it. The e sign for the library is in front of the building and barely rates notice. If Jenny hadn’t given me the address, I never would have realized it was there. Anyway, I know where it is and they have free wireless. I’m happy.

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