Friday, April 4, 2008

Global warming misinformation and fear mongering

As geologists, we know there is climate change going on. We see it in the geological record with the receding glaciers and the CO2 levels. The fear mongering though torques me off. I get emails from National Geographic. One of the headlines was "Time-Lapse Video: Retreating Glacier" ( . After taking Glenn Thackray's Quaternary Geology course, of course I am interested in this. The video shows the glacial movement and shows the obvious glacial retreat. The video is a compilation of 486 frames stitched together. It's pretty cool, worth a look-see.

HOWEVER... the time frame for the video is May-Sept 2007 in Alaska, from spring to fall. It seems to me that the glacier will OBVIOUSLY retreat during the warmer months and advance during the colder months. If this video were used as evidence as global warming, I would have to call b******t on them.

Upon further reading, this is a small part of a multi-year project which will be composed of over 300,000 photos. The project will continue until fall 2009. James Balog of National Geographic and his colleagues are conducting this project and I look forward to seeing the end results.

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