Sunday, May 27, 2007

So much to do (AAK!)

On my list of priority crap to to is: 1) get packed 2) get grad school application crap sent out. On my other list is mow lawn, wash dog, attend Paul's BBQ (looking forward to that), do one last load of laundry, wash bedsheets, finish drip system, fix sprinkler head, show wifie the stuff I do with Quicken and the checking account and where her hard-earned dollars are going (she's putting me through school...she's a saint...I'm a guilt-ridden f/t student)...I think that may be it.

The question is do I take my Cherokee or drive with the ISU I take all the fixings for Manhattan's or just bring Scotch. Bringing my own vehical would be dumb...bringing the fixings for Manhattan's would be cool.

Manhattan: 2 shots Scotch, 1 shot sweet vermouth, 2 shakes bitters on the rocks (with a lemon twist). Seriously that is my favorite drink. I just had one and I am buzzed (weeee)

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