Thursday, May 24, 2007

Setting up camp and checking stuff out

Today's a work day for Field Camp. We're headed up there noon today and should be back in Poky around dinner time tomorrow. Allegedly we're setting up our hard sided tents and getting stuff ready. This will be great, it gives us local ISU students a heads-up on what we are getting ourselves into before it's too late. The non-ISU students won;t see the place until Tuesday.

I think I'm totally over packed but this IS for 5-weeks and I still haven't quite figured how exactly to pack a backpack.

For today, toothbrush, clean underwear, work gloves, and most importantly a full flask of Scotch.

As far as Scotch goes, I enjoy the good stuff but I'm way too cheap to ever actually buy it. My budget brand of choice is Clan MacGregor. It's blended, aged 36 months and inexpensive. It burns a bit, doesn't taste like you're sucking charcoal, and it's fun to say Clan MacGregor in a thick Scottish brogue like Sean Connery. OK, I saw that last part on someone else's website and I thought it was funny (BUT TRUE!)


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